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James Dean Lecter "Nobody gets out alive" Celebrity Serial Killer #2


Size: 15.5" X 18"


100% Hand torn paper images, stapled together.


Original. Professionally Matted and Framed with wood and glass.  Personally signed by the artist.


Originals are the most valuble as there is only one, never to be duplicated.


This original piece is currently hanging behind the bar in our Gallery/Bar, SANCTUARY, 109 Addison Street, Norfolk, VA. 


Because this original is displayed in the public domain of our Gallery/Bar, it is iconic. Will yours be the new home for this one of a kind iconic original CA.SIMMØNS ART

James Dean Lecter "Nobody gets out alive"

  • Original, one of a kind, hand signed, professionally matted and framed with wood and glass. 

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